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Andy is a Chartered physiotherapist currently working within professional sport. This website is aimed at but not exclusive to physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports therapists and personal trainers.

The aim of the site is to share my own ideas and knowledge to a wider audience and facilitate my own and other peoples professional development.


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How to get athletes to do what we want them to do

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Keeping Athletes Below The Injury Threshold

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New Clinic Now Open....

The Value of Isometric Exercise. Are we using it the right way?

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Why foot postural assessments are outdated and inaccurate

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The Real Value of Pre Training Markers

Great guest post from David O'Sullivan

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A Functional Approach to Improving Ankle Dorsiflexion

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Therapists don't heal people

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Glute Ham Raise without a Glute Ham Raise


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New exercise of the week: Band assisted hamstring extension

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New material: Isometric Nordic Exercise

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Exercise of the week: Overhead shoulder shrug

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Updated: Exercise of the week; Feet elevated bench press and why it will improve your pelvic position

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Good to have linked up with as a regular contributor

' Walking on eggshells'

Why getting a neutral foot position is key

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