Foot In The Door Programme

Firstly thanks for looking into RehabRoom's Foot In The Door (FITD) Programme

The FITD programme is a 6 week intensive programme aimed at helping you gain access to a professional sports setting and as a result the job of your dreams. My names Andy Barker, chartered physiotherapist and biomechanist, current Head of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation at the Leeds Rhinos and private practice owner. For more information on me click here, but less about me, for more about the FITD programme please read on..........

The aim of the FITD programme is to give you the skills, knowledge, confidence and substance to gain entry into professional sport. 

What the Programme is Not?

Firstly, before telling about what the FITD programme is, let me tell you what its not. It is not a placement, internship or job opportunity. Equally, it will not guarantee entry into a professional sports setting upon completion. But what it will do is.....

What the FITD Programme WILL Do?

The FITD programme aims to help you gain entry into a professional sports setting, an area of work that is traditionally very difficult to break into. If your reading this page then that's probably you!!! The programme will be a 6 week intensive course, providing a variety of material from both myself other professionals currently working within elite sport. The programme will provide you with a logical and systematic approach to help you gain that opportunity in sport you want. 

I honestly believe the hardest hurdle to getting a job working in sport is gaining entry initially. Beyond that point, other skill-sets and attributes can be learned and will develop. But if you can't gain entry in the first place, you may never get that chance.  For an breakdown of the content of the 6 Modules covered as part of the FITD programme please see below. 

What Does the FITD Programme Contain?

The 6 week programme is broken into 6 modules and delivered via a combination of video, written material and webinar formats.

Module 1: Foundations
Here we will define what YOU need to do to achieve your goal and the steps needed to get there. What is your dream job and how are we going to get there? What can you do right NOW to help you achieve this?
Module 2: Breaking barriers
What are the barriers to entry to getting a job in professional sport and what can we do to break them down?  Having a logical system to follow will ensure these barriers to entry do NOT impede you gaining entry into a professional sports setting. We will go into detail about how to structure your initial contacts for maximum effect. e.g. what do I write in an email to get myself involved in a professional sports club?  

Module 3: Do your research
Doing your research is one of the most underrated aspects of trying to gain entry into sport. Research themes would include acquiring information on who you are contacting, the sport and club you are trying to gain entry to alongside many other aspects. Others aren't doing this and this is largely why they fail at gaining entry into professional sport. I'll show you how you can research to your advantage. Additionally, we will look at why and how to gain help from other professionals already working in professional sport through the form of mentorships. Enlisting the help of others is invaluable in helping progress from wannabe sports professional to an ACTUAL sports professional.

Module 4: Don't Sell Yourself Short.
What will separate you from the rest? How will you get an interview slot? Many people struggle to speak and showcase themselves. However, we need to do this to stand out from the crowd an get our foot in the door in a professional sports club. Learn the tips and tricks to enable you to showcase yourself to future employers. Furthermore, you will also learn what the actual skills and attributes those already working in sport are looking for when we appoint new staff?

Module 5: How To Write A Knockout CV
So often very poorly done. Here you will learn a logical and systematic approach to writing a concise, thorough and knockout CV and letter of application.  

Module 6: How To Smash Your Interview
We've got to the interview stage.... Here we will look at what to expect - the questions and role-play some of these out. This will give you all the tricks you need to smash your interview and maximise your chances of overcoming the final hurdle and get a job in professional sport. We will also cover what you should expect working within a professional sports setting. This will include salary expectations and negotiations, contract terms, CPD allowances, working weeks and schedules, time off and holidays.

Individual Mentorship
Alongside the FITD Programme content I will provide content YOU request, taking into account your specific needs and goals, whatever they may be.

Online Community
As part of the programme you will also be able to join an online community of like-wise budding sports professionals which will allow us to facilitate further learning and build on the content covered in the programme itself.

Is the FITD Programme for ME?

The programme is tailored to suit all sports domains and all types of sports professional. So whether your a healthcare professional; physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, sports therapist, sports rehabilitator or body worker, strength and conditioning coach, sports scientist, nutritionalist, psychologist, bio-mechanist or any other professional, the FITD programme is for you. 

Whether you are trying to break into sport for the first time i.e. from University or NHS/private practice or are currently already working in sport but struggling to land a bigger role, the FITD programme is for you. 

Why should you invest?

I believe this programme is unique.  There are currently no formal structured pathways helping you attain a job working in professional sport. The programme is led by current sports professionals, giving you up to date knowledge and the skills needed to help you on your journey. The programme will enable you to learn from our mistakes and also the mistakes we see promising sports professionals make day in day out in their attempts to land a job in professional sport.

'I not only use all the brains that I have but all that I can borrow' 
(Woodrow Wilson)

The programme is NOT descriptive. The aim is to give you the skills, knowledge, confidence and substance to help you get to where you want to be; a job in professional sport. 

100% Guarantee!!!!

I am that confident that you will benefit from the FITD programme I'm offering a lose-win guarantee. Come the end of the programme if you feel that you are no better equipped to pursue a job or opportunity in professional sport I will give you a full refund.  

'People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy' 
(Goldwin Smith, 19th century educator and historian)

How to Book Your Place?

Please note that entry numbers will be limited to 30 people. This ensures the best quality material is delivered during the individual mentorship sections of the programme. Please note there are two levels of package available;

Basic Package - This includes access to all the above content and access to the private online community group that will facilitate any questions or queries as the programme progresses. You will receive lifetime access to this group. Your investment for this package is £199. 

Premium Package - This includes the basic package plus a 30 min Skype session upon completion of the programme with myself with content directed by YOU. Additionally, you will also receive a CV critique or a mock interview session. Both these additional steps are aimed at taking the information learned over the 6 Modules to the next level by offering content bespoke to you. Your investment for this package is £299. 

The FITD programme will give you the skills, knowledge, confidence and substance to gain entry into professional sport. 

Join Andy Barker & RehabRoom and get your 'Foot In The Door.' 

Yours in Sport

'Foot In The Door' registration is now CLOSED

*The latest Foot In The Door Programme launched Monday July 17th 2017*

The next launch date is yet to be released but if you would like to register your interest for the next launch please email to reserve your place.

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